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Musical Instruments

We buy, sell, trade & consign music equipment. Dealing mainly in Used Gear, we do Repairs and Modifications to Instruments and Sound Equipment. Contact us for Consignment agreements and details.

Lessons in a variety of Instruments

CARTER'S MUSIC CENTER has a team of very talented instructors. We offer lessons in Guitar (Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced) Piano (Classical & Pop) Bass, Drums & Percussion, Violin, Banjo, Cello, Ukulele, Band, as well as a variety of Brass & Woodwind Instruments.

Band Programs & Recording

CARTER'S MUSIC CENTER offers programs for advanced students to enjoy the experience in playing together in ensemble/band programs. We generally sponsor 2 major functions per year; The Christmas Bash & The Back-to-School Bash! These events give the students an opportunity to perform for their friends & families, as well as give the student bands a chance to play live. CARTER'S MUSIC CENTER also performs every year at the Putnam County Fair.


We started in 2004, giving guitar and piano lessons. We have been at this location for 16 years and been educating Palatka on music for the entire time they have been here. Mainly our services are Music Lessons, Retail, Instrument Repair, and more! You'll be surprised

Since 2004 Music Lessons Inc, has been providing music lessons for all ages, and most instruments including Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Drums as well as Brass and Woodwind.  

The Staff Include:

Eddie Carter - owner/Operator.  Former Instructor in Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drum, Ukulele. 

Suzanne Carter - Piano, Trumpet and Voice 

Seth Hemphill - Intermediate & Advanced Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Paul Pasciak - Drums and Percussion 

Tony Showers - Instrument Repair & Technician

We are an approved vendor for all Putnam County Schools and assist in their music agenda for students. We are equipped to help any student enrolled in a music class. We also do all repairs and maintenance to all band instruments.

Our instructors work very hard in keeping the student moving forward in music education, or just keeping the student engaged especially through summer break. We are successful in keeping students excited about music and their instruments. This applies to home schooled students as well.

CMC is qualified to provide community service hours needed for music enrolled students who want to learn more about music, instruments, maintenance, and of course the Music Biz.

Periodically, we offer a separate Music Theory Workshop for those wanting to dig deeper into mastering their instrument, and gaining priceless knowledge of this art.

Eddie Carter


Suzanne Carter

Co-owner, teaches piano and trumpet and voice

Paul Pasciak

Teaches drums and percussion

Seth Hemphill

Teaches Intermediate & Advanced Guitar, Bass, Ukulele. Also serves as Band Director

Tony Showers

Guitar Technician

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